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  • Shahrukh Khan 7 months ago


  • zaman 7 months ago


  • zubair butt 7 months ago

    very nice

  • punjabi 7 months ago

    <3IMran KHAN<3

  • shzia 7 months ago


  • Muhammad Waqas Ranjha 7 months ago

    good show… WAHAB ko ziyada time dena chye tha =/

  • ahtsham 7 months ago

    GR8 g.acha program tha.

  • Muhammad Waqas Ranjha 7 months ago


  • mahmood 7 months ago

    absolutely rubbish show.

  • Zia Mustafa 7 months ago

    a very well and much funny than any other program , its very nice

  • Love Liker 7 months ago

    Excellent show!i

  • mai naman ejaz se kehta ho tum ne sakhawat ko aisa kaha hai to janab aap khud to kuch bolte nahi hai agher wo bhi na bole to kuch bhi funny na ho ,,,,plz you should be try to speak more

  • Zia Mustafa 7 months ago

    all in one , best ever show <3

  • hasan 7 months ago

    super shooter shw

  • nisar 7 months ago

    i like comedy dunya

  • mueed 7 months ago

    DJ sing a song chal rain dy rain dy baki awam nu v kuj kain kain dy

  • 120 rpm show highly spr chpr

  • Superb

  • danish 7 months ago

    noman bhai Police department ki rishwat ko bi lay es show main

  • ALLa sir bohat alla program chal raha hy

  • ahamd 7 months ago

    much much better den…. khabar naak…. khabar naak is shit now…. fat guy is shit…. hats off to maazak raat… stunning… awesome…. amazing…

  • a pakistani 7 months ago

    10000 better than khabarnak, i hate that chawal aftab iqbal, he is a dog !

  • ahsan 7 months ago

    this is the program who will get rid of paid anchor altaf iqbal program khabarnaak…everyone knows since pmln came he never bring nawaz or shebaz dummy in his program,,,while in ppp government every times he insulted gillani ,zardari and raja rental

  • Ghazanfar Iqbal 7 months ago

    noman ijaz to slow

  • i believe they need good script writer

  • awais 7 months ago

    Musical concert zyada lagta hy. Numan bhaee iska notice lain. mazaq zyada kren or music kamm kren. or seetian bhi band krwaen.

  • Amanullah Venice 7 months ago

    Ji oye. Mazaaq raat good

  • east or west Imran khan is best

  • Hahhahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Pakistan no1 sarge show""""

  • Abdul Aziz 7 months ago

    amman ullah sahib ap ka shukria afit kumar ko chorr ker ider aney ka—– woh iss laik he naheen tha ap jessey azeem funkar uss ke sath kam karain.amman ullah sahawat naz thaker badshah zindabade.

  • To be honest it's waste of time ,,
    They should do something different than khabernaak

  • naek niyyat 7 months ago

    very good show. nouman ejaz will make a good asif ali zardari if he ever decides to play his role he sounds alot like him.

  • Ahmed 7 months ago

    Lack of sync. Very weak anchor having no control. Needs to improve a lot, nice effort though!!!

  • raheelbashir 7 months ago


  • USMAN 7 months ago

    nice 1

  • tahir 7 months ago

    gonna be big flop shop

  • Mirza 7 months ago

    ghatya version of khabarnak

  • Mirza 7 months ago

    DJ bht fyt hai

  • Pink Panther 7 months ago

    Dunya tv this show is going to be a big flop there is not much substance and continuity do some thing or else its going to be flop show .

  • Umair 7 months ago

    Dj zabardast ha. Show flop ha.

  • Rehan Siddiqui 7 months ago


  • syed ali shah 7 months ago

    aftaab iqbal in sab ka abu hy… hahahha

  • mohammad aslam 7 months ago

    I love mazak rat is great program

  • junaid 7 months ago

    DJ bkwas hai….koi taste nai hai is show m.2mch boring show. KHBRNAAK zbrdst show hai .DJ ko nikalo show tm logo ka kamyab ho jyga

  • total flop and dj is total stupid and very ugly voice.plz stop it.

  • Musham Naz 7 months ago

    Hi frnds check it out :)
    ================>> http://www.allisfunny.com

  • Tayyab 7 months ago

    Bro We need this kind of decent shoes which can be watched along with family happily.

  • shahbaz 7 months ago

    mza aa gya

  • Azizii in saroo ka baaap hai ye fazool program Azizii ka muqablaa sarii zindagii nai kr sktaa

  • m nauman 7 months ago

    yeh aik acha perogram hy khbernak sy kai guna behtreen hy but hasb e hall tk kbhi nahi pohnch skta noman bi joke to thek hy but informative bilkul bhi nahi

  • Tahir Anwar 7 months ago

    اچھا پروگرام ہے ماشا اللھ

  • M Ahsan 7 months ago

    flap show

  • Rehan007 7 months ago

    What a stupid program, what value Nauman Ejaz is adding in this program, he is just a better actor in dramas, and he is ruining his reputation in this program.

    Aman ullah is legend comedian, however he was much fit in Khabarnak.

  • adnan 7 months ago

    good need more improvement ,Nauman Ejaz is not fit add some serious person here how can give some good information,,but better today

  • Waqas Shafique 7 months ago

    Its very good show…………..

  • nauman bahi plz dj ko apnee program see out kar dain too phr aap ka program best hoga

  • akmal 7 months ago

    nauman bahi plz dj ko apnee program see out kar dain too phr aap ka program best hoga

  • guest 7 months ago

    flow show

  • Khalid Mehmood Afridi 7 months ago

    fazool bakwas

  • app next show ma imran khan ko plz invite karey

  • Sohail Butt 7 months ago

    v good

  • Zeeshan 7 months ago

    standard of comedy is not gud. too much over loaded. ppl r laughing n claping on stupid things. may be gud for kids n those whose sense of humour is not that polished. nauman ejaz is reading script. n dj… this is tv not radio. sm times it looks noisy. tooo much jujat ruining the show.select one topic in each program. this show started with discussion on govt hospitals but in the middle that kunda person came n whole scenario changed. plz try to improve the standard.

  • sandhu 7 months ago

    good program

  • kunjai 7 months ago

    I am with you my friends:D

  • good show….. plz Shahid Afridi ko b bulain show mai zaror

  • Khan bhai 7 months ago

    kiya baat hay. Super Hit show.

    Hats off…………………………..

  • Pakistan Zindabad 7 months ago

    this show is a Bad Copy of Khabarnaak

  • Khan bhai 7 months ago

    DJ is Mummy daddy boy but funny. :)

    Keep it up, it is a nice show.

  • Khan bhai 7 months ago

    Buhat Alla show.


  • aslam 7 months ago

    dj is very good

  • Karachi 7 months ago

    Hello friends

  • Mahmood ul haq 7 months ago

    D j backwas hi

  • DJ in immature for this program rest of the team is too good

  • Arif Saeed Khan 7 months ago

    very nice..
    zbardast prgrame hae.

  • Multan say 7 months ago

    Love u PTI friends

  • AKRAM 7 months ago

    Dunia TV nay GEO KI GAND PHAR DI

  • arpar 7 months ago

    YOU CAN WATCH dunia tv all over the world



  • mubasher 7 months ago

    awsom show

  • rafiq sabir 7 months ago

    Only enjoy what ever you see , Please leave other programme to their fate ,

  • Imran Meo 7 months ago

    nice program

  • rafiq sabir 7 months ago

    To ask for any person death is not a good joke. Sorry to listen.

  • zia ashraf 7 months ago

    true bro….aftab iqbal always supports pml n

  • ahsan teray moh may gee shakkar

  • salman 7 months ago

    yar plzzzzzzzzzzzzz is dj larka ki kya zarurat ha bore program or ocha program lagta ha is larka ki waja sa plz change it with some thing new or just put him out of program

  • Junaid Malik 7 months ago

    this show is shit in front of khabarnaak, aftab iqbal is creative, he is the ideologist, dunya sux, they always steal ideas instead of creating, first they bought dr. younis butt with the program butttamezian which botched pathetically, then they got hassan nisar who got offended within a month and got back to his home GEO. I bet within months this show will lose ratings and aftab iqbal would uphold his popularity through his program once again!!!

  • Junaid Malik 7 months ago

    Dunya sux, COPY CAT, GEO the trend setter always rock!

  • Abdul Rehman Niazi 7 months ago

    nice show in tv

  • ali raza 7 months ago

    awesome show jo log comedy ki samjh rakhte hain un logon ko ye show boht pasand ayga

  • ali raza 7 months ago

    main sab doston se ek baat kehna cahta hoon k hum mazaak raat aur khabarnaak ka coparison kerte hain lekin khabarnaak 3 years se chal raha hai but mazaak raat is new program but it is best

  • Tariq Pk 7 months ago

    very good program allah ap ko kamiab kare.or pakistan ke gaddaru ko nist o nabood kare.amin

  • hanAN 7 months ago

    ek dam bkwaz show…..

  • qaiser 7 months ago

    wah wah wah

  • qaiser 7 months ago


  • Waseem 7 months ago

    DJ is the best one . . . . . .Rest of the team needs VITAMINS.

  • Absar 7 months ago

    Pti is best

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  • Sultan Mehmood Iqbal 7 months ago

    Pakistan ke liay sharm ki bat hei keh IPL me faislabad ki team ko india nevise nahi diay,
    india ne jo kia theek kia, un se yahi umeed thi,
    lekin sharm hame ani chahyay keh ham bhag bhag kr india ki trf jate hein, un ki khushamad krte hein,
    un se ache relation ki bheek mangte hein,
    Hamra PM Nawaz un ke paon ki mitti tk chtne ke liay tayar,
    Zardri un ko favourate nation declare krne laga tha
    tb to indian ko hamre sath esa hi krna chahyay, ham pakistani isi qabil hein.

  • Huma Qazi 7 months ago

    bilkul bukwas dubba

  • Your name is Umar. Please for Allah's sake don't use such dirty language.

  • zamurad 7 months ago


  • zamurad 7 months ago


  • javeed 7 months ago

    ap urdu nahi bool saktay aftab said in khabarnak
    aftab do,t degrade Punjabi and do,t hate peoples

  • javeed 7 months ago


  • akbar 7 months ago

    very good show

  • akbar 7 months ago

    amazing show

  • pakistani 7 months ago

    the people like scarface and others who hate mohajirs and some people who hate punjabis are in fact paid indian agents who are writing such comments so pakistanis could hate and fight with each other.

    Dear Pakistanis, Pujabis and Mohajirs please do not hate or fight with each other base on these people comments, so these Indian agents could not weaken up Pakistan and then could take advantage of this situation at write time.

    Indians listen, Punjabis and Mohajirs are brothers, no matter what you do…get the he-ll out from here….

  • ZEESHAN 7 months ago

    EN khukhlay elaz main Wazan nh hy ab

  • Truther 7 months ago

    PTI Imran Khan sold their sould for NWFP Govt. Now that he is not performing in the province, he is out to ask for 5 years of this corrupt Noora Govt just so he could get 5 years in NWFP. What a sell out he is, did nothing substantial which can be considered a watershed moment.

  • Gohar Abbas 7 months ago

    Good Show ……but spark is missing somewhat as compared to two rival shows……

  • Absar 7 months ago


  • Altaf 7 months ago

    Khabarnak will try to survive, this show has no future

  • Good show

  • Punjabi do,t like to speak Punjabi with their own kids why?all the languages has to respected urdu or panjabi

  • Irfan Nazir 7 months ago

    100% better than khabarnak

  • tenda 7 months ago

    Love you Nawaz sharif

  • Shaikhmuti Ur Rahman 7 months ago

    I also like DJ the best performer

  • Saba Shah 7 months ago

    What a good show! we all love it.
    Saba from New York

  • fazoooooooooooooool

  • Hassnain 7 months ago

    Nice show